Our adult program is for individuals ages 21-75.  We work with people who have a long history of mental illness, have been hospitalized, and are in need of assistance, or who are unable to live independently.

In order to be considered for our program you must be on Medicaid and exhibit emotional, cognitive or behavioral functioning which is so impaired that it may interfere with role, educational, occupational or social functioning.  All services are offered in our office, the community and the comfort of your home.

Services Offered

  •     Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment
  •     Psychosocial Skills Rehabilitation  
  •     Individual and family psychotherapy by a Licensed Social Worker or  Counselor

Referrals are Often From

  •     Psychiatrists and family doctors
  •     Hospitals and mental health facilities
  •     Group homes and shelters
  •     Family members and friends or other concerned stakeholders

To refer someone to Spectrum Rehab Services:‚Äč please call (225) 665-7878 or (866) 665-7878 and a staff person will be happy to assist you.  For more information on these services email Spectrum Rehab Services at office@spectrumrehab.org


Symptoms of Depression

Feeling sad or down
Loss of interest in daily activities
Appetite or weight changes
Sleep changes
Loss of energy
Feeling fatigued or weak
Loss of interest in sex
Thoughts of suicide